Training with Anodea Judith & Lessons Learned

In the last year and a half Amy has studied with Anodea Judith, putting a variety of the tools into motion working with her clients.  Amy found that all of Anodea's classes provide beautiful ways of getting to the CORE of the problem that keeps us stuck in a place and we need assistance to dig out.  However, do you feel like you are alone and can’t get a foot to move forward to take you out of that hole that you have dug your heals in even deeper just reading this?

Well great news — the choice is yours to dig out of the hole and ask for help!   

“WHAT, I can’t be vulnerable!”

These were words that came out of Amy's mouth at the last part of her training with Anodea.  This being vulnerable was not an easy task; Amy has been the strength for numerous people, she's that person that strangers walk up to and tell their deepest secrets to or ask for decorating help at the store. 

Well let me tell you … doing this work with Anodea has allowed Amy the opportunity to understand so much more about herself to be able to assist her clients. 

We can get wrapped up in what others think.  But the reality is they have so much more crap they are dealing with that the surface can’t even be scratched for your stuff!   Really, you have made up a story and exaggerated it so often in your head you don’t even know the reality any more of the situation.

So step back and look at the CORE issue and Amy can help you dig out of the hole you have created!

Amy's studies with Anodea have allowed her to be a better Energy Intuitive and feels so blessed with these gifts!  Her soul loves Invoking Awareness and she looks forward to sharing your journey with you!

If you want to schedule an appointment with Amy geared toward your healing path, please go to this link.