You Deserve Time for YOU!

As we are about to enter into a New Year - 2018 is going to be about being held accountable.  We all know life happens and things change, but in my 13 years living in Arizona this state has proven to me it doesn't believe in following through.  I have been in the Interior Design industry, the Sustainable Building Industry and the Yoga Industry.  It doesn't matter if it is a professional or personal.  Everyone has an excuse.  I think the older I get the less patience I have toward tardiness and lack of respect in meetings and events.   I know Arizona is a casual environment, however Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga will be an integral part of our classes in 2018. 

So my way to help you be held accountable to attending your yoga classes .... doing a Series Format.  Meaning ... you sign up for the same class every week and you come in knowing you have a space and the time to enjoy your practice!   It also means that we are going to be building on the classes each week and learning more about yoga philosophy (as stated above about Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga) in addition to postures (asanas).  We will also start to review some of the Yoga Sutras and have a better understanding of Yoga as a whole - wholistic approach.  

You can have the option to sign up for once a week for a month, twice a week for a month AND IF you sign up with a buddy you will save some money and be held accountable from them as well.  Maybe you will have a carpool buddy or having someone be there with a friendly smile as you start your yoga practice.

This way, I don't have to hear "I wanted to come but..."

Formats will be created each month and you can attend your format by selecting an intermediate level or Yin/Restorative level or whatever seems to be on schedule for the month. 

The other bonus is ... drum roll please ... classes will be 75 minutes long!   That's right, you earned that 15 minute Savasana -- so take it!    I am going back to my roots in teaching from 20 years ago and this disciplined format will be of great love to you ... I promise! 

You will be posted on the new schedule coming up for January 2018 and in the meantime, know that you are worth it to take some time out of your busy schedule to keep on track!