Crown Chakra (#7)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch shares...]

Are you feeling light headed and floating through your day? Do you run the "what ifs" throughout your day (what if I fall, what if I get hit by a car, what if I die). Anxiety is a feature of fear and without feeling divinely connected the anxiety levels skyrocket and push you upward so far that headaches are frequent and some experience dizziness or vertigo.

The positive connection to the highest chakra is the connection to the Divine. God, Jesus, Archangels, Buddha, whatever terminology feels comfortable to you. For some Nature is their Divine connection (like famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright - did you know Amy is a former tour guide at Taliesin West).

We are all Divinely driven at different points in life, some more than others. Let's find the balance for you that makes you comfortable. Pick a statement below and repeat it throughout your day.

Crown chakra affirmations
I feel connected with other beings, with heaven and earth, the whole of Universe
I know and I understand
I am one with the Divine
I am grounded on earth and connected with heavens
I understand deeper truth and connection
I experience, peace, love, and joy
I honor the divine in me and in others
I am at peace
I am

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