Crown Chakra (#7)

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Are you feeling light headed and floating through your day? Do you run the "what ifs" throughout your day (what if I fall, what if I get hit by a car, what if I die). Anxiety is a feature of fear and without feeling divinely connected the anxiety levels skyrocket and push you upward so far that headaches are frequent and some experience dizziness or vertigo.

The positive connection to the highest chakra is the connection to the Divine. God, Jesus, Archangels, Buddha, whatever terminology feels comfortable to you. For some Nature is their Divine connection (like famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright - did you know Amy is a former tour guide at Taliesin West).

We are all Divinely driven at different points in life, some more than others. Let's find the balance for you that makes you comfortable. Pick a statement below and repeat it throughout your day.

Crown chakra affirmations
I feel connected with other beings, with heaven and earth, the whole of Universe
I know and I understand
I am one with the Divine
I am grounded on earth and connected with heavens
I understand deeper truth and connection
I experience, peace, love, and joy
I honor the divine in me and in others
I am at peace
I am

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Voice Chakra (#5)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch sharing ...]

Do you find yourself swallowing quite a bit and unsure if you should say something? Do you enjoy to sing but found that you aren't as much as you use to?

Let's talk about your throat, your voice, for a moment. We are in an expressive time right now and for some it can be scary. But speaking your truth is something that being taught from a young age has been instilled into Amy.

Also ponder that old phrase, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never do so." That is also not a true statement. Words toward yourself and words toward others is something that can be very hurtful. Teaching your children from a young age to speak truthful and from a space of kindness will impact so many over the decades.

Throat chakra affirmations
I express myself clearly and in a healthy way
I speak my truth
I feel safe to express myself
I think before I speak
I live in truth
I listen with the ear of my heart
I listen to my intuition
I can say "no" when I need to
I am peaceful, tranquil, and serene
I love myself and I express my love for others

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Heart Chakra (#4)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch sharing ...]

Healing Touch is an energy based modality that aligns the seven chakras. The reality is we are in charge of our own life, what we feel and think. However things happen; surgeries, an injury, a concussion, verbal abuse that "attack" our outer layers of of energy fields. Until we can start to heal those outer layers the inner [HeartFelt] Center of compassion won't have the ability to heal, forgive or rejoice.

Heart chakra affirmations to feel full of love:
I allow myself to feel my tender heart
I surrender and let go of fear
I open myself to deep self love
I feel embraced by the love of the Universe
I open myself to healthy and nurturing relationships
We are all One

Have these been more of your words:
I can't find Peace
Forgiveness is not in my vocabulary
I don't have (money, relationships, guidance)
I am so alone
Why do they do that (and fill in the judgemental blank)

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Solar Plexus Chakra (#3)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch sharing ...]

Moving upward now to the 3rd Chakra (wheel) that deals with our Power/Will. If out of balance the following statement will be true.

Solar plexus chakra:
My body is weak
I have been told I am rigid and controlling
Everything is your fault, not mine

How would you like to make these statements instead:
I sense that everything is a lesson on my spiritual journey
I create my own life
I feel connected to greater life
Just by being, I am valuable
I deeply and completely love and accept myself
I have the courage to be myself
My power is in the gentleness of my soul

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Sacral Chakra (#2)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch sharing ...]

How does a hose with a kink in it get water out the nozzle?

It doesn't! Just like a blocked Chakra (wheel).

If any of these statements resonant with you please connect with Amy of Scottsdale Healing Touch to book your Healing Touch session to get on the road to feeling and participating in a good life.

Sacral chakra:
I can't express my feelings
I hate my body
I am in the rabbit hole of thoughts spiraling down
I am in touch with my feelings
I don't know who I am anymore
I never get time for me (and if I do I feel guilty)
I never share how I feel to anyone
I drink myself numb to deal with my pain
I use to be creative
I am so angry

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Root Chakra (#1)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch sharing ...]

Ponder a moment and ask yourself, how safe do I feel in my body?

How strong does your body and mind feel?

What does “being grounded” mean to you?

Healing Touch is an energy based modality developed by a nurse, supporting patients pre & post Op. You don't have to be in a hospital to enjoy the benefits of Healing Touch. The balancing of your energy centers supports your growth and healing of past situations.

Root chakra affirmations:
I am safe
I love my life
I allow myself to be in the present moment, right here, right now
I have everything I need
I am open to new ideas
I am here, here in my body, and all is well
I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, and body in the present moment
I am grounded and connected to the earth
I trust myself
I am open to new ways of thinking
I embrace change
I love myself
I let go of my past
I am

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