Third Eye Chakra (#6)

[Scottsdale Healing Touch shares....]

As children we have our "imaginary friends" and we talk with them, play teacher to them and as we get older we are told to stop it and not do that.

As an adult we have a tendency to lose track of our "friends" who were there for us so frequently. We each have so much guidance within us but this third eye can get blocked or fuzzy. We learned yesterday about the throat chakra and with that being directly below the third eye - how many times have you been to a spiritual event singing (a rock concert, church, kirtan) and left "buzzing" from this "high" of vocalizing the songs. Then that night you have the most amazing dreams. Congratulations on having a spiritual experience and opening your third eye!

Sixth Chakra Affirmations (third eye):
My life moves with grace
I use my intuition wisely
I see connections and the deeper truth
I have deep sense of knowing everything I need to know
I see challenges in my life with great clarity
I learn from the challenges in my life, they are spiritual lessons
I open myself to the wisdom of elders
I love and accept myself
I can consciously create my life

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