CONGRATULATIONS for taking the step forward to start your wholistic business at AZ Healing Center!  

As you start your journey forward in your practice there are a  few things that I want to make sure we are on the same page about.   I ask that you print off this page and review so you know what the expectations of your practice is at AZ Healing Center.    This will be presented to you at your meeting with Amy Stephens, sign and start to set up your office. 

I always ask that the lines of communication stay open and we discuss things as needed.   You can always see the schedule for yoga classes online through out MINDBODY account ( connects you to that link).  



What AZ Healing Center offers:

·         highly sought after professional office environment in Scottsdale with easy access off the 101

·         furnished Office or furnished Treatment Room

·         ample parking for your clients

·         your clients can wait in a waiting room (and not in your home)

·         receive business mentorship from Amy Stephens

·         you enter with your clients and you leave with your clients

·         marketing support through AZ Healing Center social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

·         scheduling through AZ Healing Center MINDBODY account for all appointments, so rooms are not double booked

·         place your business cards and brochures in waiting room

·         liability insurance for the overall space

·         listed on the "Under our Roof" Home page of the website with your website link and best way to reach you

·         wifi access

·         coffee and tea selections for your use, along with almond milk or half and half

·         Kitchenette with fridge, microwave and a place to sit away from clients

·         restrooms located inside the office suite

·         a business address to receive mail

·         monthly cleaning for the full suite

·         offer your clients a small bottle of water at the end of their treatment

·         future plans; 2 receptionists will be available with 7:30 am - 1:30 pm shift and 12:30 - 7:30 pm shift.  They will be there to greet your guests, check them in on the MINDBODY software, make coffee and keep the space organized and clean


Expectations of Members:

  • participate in a minimum of 2 blocks of time each week (example, if you work full time and want to do 1 Saturday full day each week = 2 blocks of time)
  •  IF you want a FULL TIME ROOM – pricing will be handled differently, and a discussion needs to occur with Amy Stephens to hold a room for you on a Full Time basis.
  • marketing yourself to bring in your clients and fill your appointment slots. You are NOT given clients through AZ Healing Center. 
  • participate in 2 meetings as a group (one in April and the other in December, dates to be announced later)
  • liability insurance for your business and have AZ Healing Center listed on your Certificate of Insurance and provide a copy for the office records, this is due to AZ Healing Center before you start your schedule
  • have your business license with the City of Scottsdale (and any other licenses needed for your practice)
  • set the stage for your clients to enter the space quietly and to leave the space quietly as we have modalities that require silence and supportive environment
  • print your own business cards
  • send your company name to Amy to make a sign for your office
  • be respectful of your clients, your co-members and the neighbors within the office complex
  • your parking space is to the East by trees near Parkway Bank and not in front of our office building, as we leave that for clients
  • take your own payments (and if you are unfamiliar with this platform Amy will provide you assistance)
  • book your schedule through MINDBODY provided by AZ Healing Center
  • take your own phone calls and communicate with your clients appropriately for appointments or get them in the habit to book on their own through MINDBODY
  • you enter with your clients and you leave with your clients
  • members receive a 6 month (15% discount) or 12 month (25% discount) block of time reduction in price for the Office or Treatment Room space, invoiced before the start of your block of time to secure your space in the calendar.  If you book for 4 blocks of time each week for 12 months then a 50% discount will be applied.
  • if you are looking to host a large workshop and want to use the larger space once a month or an ongoing basis you will need to fill out the Workshop Form and Amy will get back with you within a week once submitted via online
  • no "poaching" someone else's clients and will be immediately addressed and membership will be revoked if it takes place twice
  • you will be allowed 1 use of the large room each month for a special event up to 3 hours in length.   
  • If you want to be placed on the permanent weekly schedule of classes to gain more awareness then we can discuss that further. 


Practitioner Signed: ______________________________________________ Dated:_________________


AZ Healing Center: ____________________________________________       Dated: ______________


Please select your schedule by using the worksheet given to you in your membership packet  - Members get first scheduling rights and need to be booked for full amount of your membership contract upfront.  Meaning you will need to set a schedule when you sign your membership packet to commit to each slot you select and pay for monthly.    

Example of Membership - Sally decides that she wants to work every Monday and Thursday, which are Off Peak days from 8:00-1:30 pm.  As a non-committal person, Sally wants to just do month to month, $59 per block equaling $118 for the week which can accommodate up to 9 appointments within 1 week.  Sally charges $75/hr, and with a full schedule of 9 appointments each week she earns $675 a week and $2,700/month.  Then after a few months of being comfortable growing her business, she decides to go for a Membership option.  Sally can do, 6-month membership (receive a 15% discount and for a 12-month membership receive a 25% discount) and Sally will have reserved every Monday and Thursday block of time for her membership time, no cancellations provided last minute

Overview of the Example:

·         $675/week X 4 weeks (month) = $2700 (revenue) and with a

·         Month to Month “contract” her fee is $472

·         6 month Membership = $400 each month 

·         12 month Membership = $360 each month.    

·         Sally’s Monthly Revenue for 36 appointments; shows in 6 month Membership she will earn $2,300 and with a 12 month Membership she will earn $2,340.


1.       Calculate each block of time on your worksheet and the amount for your bookkeeping records and once your schedule has been submitted you will receive an invoice to be paid immediately to secure your upcoming membership time blocks.   PLEASE NOTE - this is not payment done at the end of your month, Payment is due by the First of Each Month.

2.       Email your worksheet to or leave at the office with Amy Stephens directly at a scheduled time, so we can confirm dates are available and handle payment to secure your days for office use.

3.       You will be sent an invoice for payment to hold your membership schedule and if not paid by the First of Each Month then those dates will be released to another practitioner to enjoy.    

4.       You can pay via credit card (with an extra $20 admin fee), check or Square Cash transfer or bank transfer.   

5.       Membership cancellation needs be handled in writing with 30 days’ notice to Amy Stephens at  

6.       Questions - email and in the SUBJECT line make sure you put what it is regarding, so it can be addressed immediately. 


This agreement is between __________________________________________________________, Practitioner, and AZ Healing Center (with Amy Stephens as Managing Director).  

Everything is spelled out and any questions can be written on this contract to make sure we are all on the same page.    Both parties will sign this agreement and a copy will be scanned and returned to Practitioner. 


Practitioner signature: _________________________________________   Date: _________________


AZ Healing Center: ____________________________________________   Date: _________________