Workshop Proposal

Hey we look forward to hearing about the great workshop you have planned in your head and want to see you be successful with it.

A few things about this form:

  1. Make time to sit down and fill it out at one time. Maybe review it first, see what is needed and come back to it when you can sit down for a solid 30-40 minutes and fill it out correctly.

  2. If you start to fill out the form and get sidetracked, ALL the information you put in will disappear and you have to start over.

  3. You are ultimately responsible for your marketing.

  4. Put down in the “other date options” your second/third choices for use of the room.

  5. Pricing will be sent to you once your proposal has been reviewed by management.

  6. You will be sent an invoice to secure the date and times requested once approved.

It is our goal to make your setup easy with tables and chairs and we will set that up for you and break it down afterwards. If you are using the floor space only you will be responsible for set up.

Name *
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
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Proposed Date for Workshop/Lecture *
Proposed Date for Workshop/Lecture
Is this an ongoing series or a one time shot? *
Arrival Time - plan for prep time before *
Arrival Time - plan for prep time before
Ending Time - with break down of your things *
Ending Time - with break down of your things
Set up needed for your workshop *
Quantity planning for: *
Do you need wifi connection? *
We do NOT have a projector for your workshop? *
You will be responsible to bring your own laptop and projector and any cables needed.
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Registrations will be handled: *
Are you serving or having food onsite? *
kitchen needed? special electrical set up for your presentation? musical instruments you are bringing?
I understand that I will have access to the kitchen if needed. I also understand that if a spill happens it needs to be cleaned up immediately. I understand that I will leave the space clean just like I found it and leave promptly once time is over. *
Lastly, send me a headshot or image that represents the event *