I am a 74-year old with 20 years of Parkinson’s and seven screws in my back. I thought my independence was over, but the yoga classes twice a week at AZ Healing Center & Yoga Studio have helped me really find more mobility.
— S.W.
AZ Healing Center is the most amazing community. Amy the owner, has so much to share regarding yoga and healing.Beginner, try her yoga intro program. Ten person limit. It is the best way to find your practice and inner peace. Intermediate levels, there are classes for you as well. If you are looking for a new approach to health and healing. Try this!
— Brett G. via Yelp
I have been seeing Amy for a series of Healing Touch sessions to help address some anxiety issues I have suffered on and off with for years. At the time I was going through a rough period in my life and found that with consistent Healing Touch work, I was able to feel balanced, sleep better, and had general sense of calm that stayed with me and helped me focus and heal. Amy is very knowledgeable with her energy work and a gifted HT Practitioner. I highly recommend her work and you won’t be disappointed.
— Kim M. via Yelp
I was referred by a family member who had been a Healing Touch client of Amy’s. I have had 2 Healing Touch sessions and have experienced a marked decrease in personal stress as well as physical pain relief. Thank you Amy!
— Mary C. via Yelp
I have been seeing Amy for almost a year. Because of her Healing Touch sessions I have been able to stop smoking, stop drinking soda and I have started an exercise regiment. I have also been able to become open emotionally in my marriage and relationships with others. I never miss a session!
— Louie via Yelp
I went to Amy for Healing Touch that stemmed from physical ailments yet came out with so much more. The pain in my shoulder and lower back were relieved yet I came away with a complete shift in feelings. The immediate take away was being able to physically move without pain. The unexpected result was feeling more clear headed and energized. Amazing feeling after walking away from my session.
— Stacy via Yelp
Had the good fortune to learn about the Intro to Yoga series through Next Door app and am happy to report it was an awesome experience! Amy the owner of AZ Healing Center taught the class, she was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend giving it a look first hand. You won’t be disappointed.
— Barbara H. via Next Door
My husband and I attended the Intro to Yoga Series with Amy. I had thought about doing yoga for years and was hesitant to try, so glad I finally did! We found it to be a great experience. Relaxing the mind and wonderful for the body. Amy is knowledgeable, easy to understand, is kind and patient with beginners.
— Laurie and Max - via Next Door