Welcome and thanks for your interest in az healing center

My vision since I have moved here to the Scottsdale area was to create what I had in Missouri at my yoga studio.   I had the most amazing students who were so eager to learn and be a part of a community of like-minded individuals and support each other.   Scottsdale is different from MO and I appreciate all that I have come in contact with since 2004, moving here to AZ.  

I want to share "Under the Roof" with those type of practitioners who are looking for a part-time or a full time home to do the work, and potentially get out of their J-O-B.  

practitioner Blocks of time

Steps to secure your time slot:

  1. Review the Blocks of Time Chart below to view the suggested hours of establishing your business.  Being in a routine of "business hours" will support you in a regular routine of meeting with clients and staying on target to growing your business.   It also allows the space to be used by other members.  This creates consistency for your clients and for you. 
  2. IF you only want to book on an as needed basis, you will secure your block of time in advance of your scheduled appointments.  An invoice with be presented to you once the request has been turned into azhealingcenter@gmail.com 
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Membership to AZ Healing center

What AZ Healing Center offers:

  • highly sought after professional office environment in Scottsdale with easy access off the 101
  • furnished Office or furnished Treatment Room
  • ample parking for your clients
  • your clients can wait in a waiting room (and not in your home)
  • you enter with your clients and you leave with your clients
  • place your business cards and brochures in waiting room
  • listed on the "Under our Roof" Home page of the website with your website link and best way to reach you
  • coffee and tea selections for your use, along with almond milk or half and half
  • Kitchenette with fridge, coffee pot and a place to sit away from clients
  • restrooms located inside the office suite
  • a business address to receive mail
  • monthly cleaning for the full suite, you are responsible for cleaning of your space after each use


Expectations of Members:

  • participate in 2 blocks of time each week (example, if you work full time and want to do 1 Saturday morning & 1 Sunday morning each week)
  • marketing yourself to bring in your clients and fill your appointment slots
  • participate in 2 meetings as a group (one in April and the other in December, dates to be announced later)
  • liability insurance for your business and have AZ Healing Center listed on your Certificate of Insurance and provide a copy for the office records, this is due to AZ Healing Center before you start your schedule
  • have your business license with the City of Scottsdale (and any other licenses needed for your practice)
  • set the stage for your clients to enter the space quietly and to leave the space quietly as we have modalities that require silence and supportive environment
  • print your own business cards
  • be respectful of your clients, your co-members and the neighbors within the office complex (no gossipping!) 
  • your parking space is to the East by trees near Parkway Bank and not in front of our office building, as we leave that for clients
  • take your own payments (and if you are unfamiliar with this platform Amy will provide you assistance)
  • book your own schedule (if you want to learn about online scheduler systems, Amy can discuss with you)
  • take your own phone calls and communicate with your clients appropriately for appointment times 
  • you enter with your clients and you leave with your clients
  • if you are looking to host a large workshop and want to use the larger space once a month or an ongoing basis you will need to fill out the Workshop Form and Amy will get back with you within a week once submitted via online
  • no "poaching" someone else's clients and will be immediately addressed and membership will be revoked if it takes place twice


Questions - email azhealingcenter@gmail.com and in the SUBJECT line make sure you put what it is regarding so it can be addressed immediately. 

Step 2 is to fill out our Application 

step 3 -  If you are a looking to use the larger room you will need to fill out the Workshop Form and it will be sent online to amy once you "SUBMIT."