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Peace, Passion & Paint Workshop

  • AZ Healing Center 9336 East Raintree Drive, Suite 130 Scottsdale, AZ, 85260 United States (map)

Join artist Carla Keaton for a fun and creative energy in this meditative practice of painting.  Two images will be provided, demonstration and guided instruction from Carla. Leave with your own piece of artwork to be proud of! 

Participants can expect the following in the fee of the class:

  • 2 hours of painting instruction by artist Carla Keaton
  • All art supplies, including a 11x14 canvas, paint and brushes
  • Light, refreshing beverages
  • A relaxing, healing and creative atmosphere:).

Carla Keaton Artist Statement

I was raised in a very strict household environment. Both of my parents were born in the segregated south, in the early 1940’s. My father was a sharecropper in Hamilton Mississippi and spent most of his youth in extremely poverty. My mother was born on a farm in Clarksville Tennessee and to the daughter of a strict Baptist minister. As a result, my parents were extremely hard working, extremely economical and firm disciplinarians. I rarely spent time with them, and when I did, it was brief. They both usually only had minutes to spare before heading off to their second shift jobs, where they worked way in to the next morning, long after I had gone to bed. I waited up for them occasionally, although they weren’t aware of it. I’d catch a glimpse of them wearily climbing the staircase to the bedroom. Their faces read exhaustion and worry.  Weekends were catch up time. My dad would tell us stories at the dinner table about his youth growing up in the cotton fields. My mom told us nothing. Most of the time I was forced to read the expressions on their faces and the language of their bodies. I was used to it, perfected from those stolen glimpses of their late night ascent to their bedroom.

Years after my mother passed, and I was well into adulthood, I realized I had never really known her. I could only speculate. My father began to open up, and tell more stories of his life growing up. He also talked about my mother, and shed light on the mystery of her.  

As an art student, I was always drawn to telling stories. Illustration was my first love. I had professor once say “you only have to be good enough to get your point across”. That statement had and instant impact on me. What was my point?  I thought about the stories my dad told, the ones my mom kept secret, and why. Why do people keep their experiences to themselves? I figured there were probably a number of reasons, such as shame, embarrassment, pride, or simply think their lives aren’t important enough or no one cares to listen.

That professor brought out a passion that was brewing inside of me for years. To visually document the stories that would likely go untold. This may be through the creation of a literal visual narration, or through a simple expression. Someone once said “The eyes are the window to the soul”. I believe that to be true.