Our goal is to help you with your goal of finding more balance, relaxation, awareness of your body and flexibility.

  • Drop In rate is $20/cash at the door

  • 4 class package = $60 (good for 1 month)

  • 8 class package = $100 (good for 1 month and best for those wanting to attend twice a week)

  • Unlimited Monthly package = $145 (good for 1 month and for those who want to attend 3 or more classes a week)

Please secure your space in our Yoga classes and we use the Vagaro App.   Please set up your account so you can access the full schedule and easily reserve your space in each class that you desire.   

IF you are not able to come to class - unbook yourself so we know that you won't be present in that days class, as we lock the door for security purposes. 


regular scheduled yoga classes:

  1. Sundays Restore/Yin 4:00-5:15 pm (need to prebook as this is a popular class and is on the floor!)

  2. Mondays Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00 am (50% seated, 50% standing)

  3. Tuesdays Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00 am (50% seated, 50% standing)

  4. Tuesdays Restore/Yin 5:30-6:45 pm (need to prebook as this is a popular class and is on the floor!)

  5. Wednesdays Strength/Balance 10:00-11:00 am (50% seated, 50% standing)




You need to bring with you:   a yoga mat, bottle of water with a lid, a towel if you are coming to an advanced class.

What to wear:   comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in, we work in our bare feet (except the chair yoga classes)

What NOT to wear/bring:   perfume, heavy scented lotions, gum, Apple watch or FitBit that distracts you.

NO CELL PHONES in the studio and if you do bring a cell phone to your mat, please note that it will be moved to the front desk.  You come to class to disconnect; so disconnect and honor yourself and those around you.   Trust me you will thank me!  You are worth the time to step away from the world. 

When you arrive to our space, please enter the front door with a quiet voice and come down the hall quietly as other practitioners are working with their clients in the offices you will be passing.

Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early to get settled into class and not feel rushed.  Other students are doing pre-meditation to prepare for their practice.  

You have made the dedication to yourself to come to yoga and we ask that you stay until the class is completed, this is the practice of yoga and the reasoning behind the process is to enjoy the full set up of the practice.  

If the front door is locked, please do not knock on the door.  

Please refrain from eating a heavy, large meal before arriving to your class. A snack an hour before will be fine.  If the heavy meal was consumed 2 hours before practice you should be OK, but you know your body best.

Let your instructor know if you have injury; new or old.  

Get the Vagaro app on your smart phone or tablet to easily schedule your classes. If you are not listed on the Vagaro schedule we don't know to expect you.  Please be in the routine to book yourself in each class.   Click here to set up your Vagaro account and see our schedule of Yoga classes.

Enjoy the time you are participating in your class, be in the moment, feel your breath and give thanks to your body, mind and spirit.  We look forward to working with you!